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The world of advanced nanomaterials


Customizing graphene materials

About us

Who we are?

Team of researchers and graphene experts from Linköping University

What do we do?

We customize the graphene materials, adapting it to your specific needs and applications

What is it for you?

Graphene can improve your product characteristics, functionalities or reduce cost. We will help you to open up the full potential of nanomaterials for your product. 

You don't need to spend time and resources on preparing the graphene of particular structure, uniformity, size or number of layers. We do that for you! 

Contact us:


Bobergsgatan 1, 58247 Linköping, Sweden


LEAD, Teknikringen 7, 583 30 Linköping, Sweden


Skolgatan 19, 58238 Linköping, Sweden


LEAD Incubator, Teknikringen 7, 58330, Linköping, Sweden


Email to Grafren


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