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Chief Operational Officer (CEO)

More Information

Grafren AB is material science innovation based company with global ambitions. We are constantly growing and therefore are looing for a new members to our team. 

Right now we are launching our first product based on graphene – Grafren Heavy Metals Removal (HMR) solution. Due to the unique properties of the nanomaterial used, the new product is extremely fast, efficient and environmentally friendlier than any other solution on the market. Many industries, such as coal and ores mining, chemical manufacturing and recycling, steel plating and leather tanning are in need for the new solution and are ready to be approached. 

For this we are looking for the Chief Operational Officer (COO) with the functions of Customers Development and Product Sales. COO will take care about customers development aiming on the adaptation of the new technology on the market. 

We are expecting from you: 

- Strategic planning and business development experience

- Motivation and passion for bringing new product to the market; 

- Strong leadership and organizational skills

- Experience in B2B or B2G or real estate sales;

- Self-driven and goal-oriented personality; 

- Ambitious and charismatic personality. 

- Native Swedish and Fluent English;

- Strong written and verbal and presentation skills

- Readiness for national and international travelling. 

We offer: 

- Dynamic and Innovation Driven Team;

- Carrier Development and Proficiency Growth;

- Competitive Reimbursement + Company Options.


Location: Linköping, Stockholm. 

Customising Nanomaterials

We at Grafren are working on customising the graphene based nanomaterials - management of size and chemical properties of the materials. Depending on the material property different innovative applications can be obtained. For example, due to its selective interaction with the atoms of heavy metals, graphene nanomaterials can be used for absorption and removal of Hg, Pb, Cd, As and others from waste and potable water.